Snow and Ice Management Association

SIMA, the Snow and Ice Management Association, is an important partner in our industry. It is a pleasure to be involved with a group that is promoting the same values that helped Reliable Snowplowing grow. The ideas of honesty and integrity are a way of life here and at SIMA they have actually written them into their bylaws. The SIMA organization actually involves everyone related to the snow industry including managers, government agencies and manufacturers as well as snow professionals. A visit to the SIMA website confirms they are the go to resource for the snow and ice management industry.

Reliable Snowplowing and SIMA

As pride as professionalism set us apart here at Reliable Snowplowing, the same values are being promoted though SIMA. Protecting the reputation of our industry has been a battle over the years. One or two unscrupulous operators can cause a lot of bad publicity which has an unfortunate ripple effect. The SIMA campaign of training and certification can differentiate the committed professionals from the rest. Our goals of efficiency, safety and profitability are ultimately the same goals our customers are pursuing. Reliable Snowplowing can partner with a company to reduce liability and increase productivity. That is the type of pride and professionalism that produces a win-win relationship.